Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair covers a number of different actions and work carried on it. These actions are very important to ensure a long life for your transmission without problems and insuring a smooth and satisfying operation.We thoroughly control the different parts of your transmission from the biggest to the smallest one to ensure that everything is at the highest levels of quality and operation. If not, the technicians will identify,repair and replace everything needed with the highest quality parts to get the best performance of your transmission.

Torque Converter Repair


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Manual Transmission Repair

Differential and Transfer Case Repair

Computer Testing

Spare parts and lubricating oils

Why Us

Staff experience

Our technicians have more than 30 years of experience, combined with the right tools and the right knowledge to satisfy our customers from individuals to workshops and fleet operators with passion and professionality.We are constantly trained and certified from the best and most valuable partners in Europe and USA.


Valve Body Test Bench
Solenoid Test Bench
Torque Converter Repair Line
Ultrasonic Washing Machine
High Precision Lathes


We take responsibility of our services very seriously, that is why the warranty period varies from six months to two years depending on the service performed.