Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair covers a number of different actions and controls. These controls and actions are very important to ensure a long life for your transmission without problems and incidents. Much of the service is controlling your transmission to ensure it is working at optimal levels. We control the different parts of your transmission methodically to ensure that everything is going to the highest levels. If not, the technicians will identify and repair all the problems with the highest technology and the qualitative part, for a good functioning of your car.


Torque Converter Repair


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Manual Transmission Repair

Differential and Transfer Case Repair

Computer Testing

Spare parts and lubricating oils

Why Us

Staff experience

Our technicians have years of experience, combined with the right tools and the right training to serve our customers with correctness and professionalism. Our technicians are specialized and trained in the largest automechanics companies in Europe.


Torque Converter Rebuilding Machines – such as: Welding Machine, Air Test Stand, Pneumatic Device for fixing internal parts of the Torque Converter, Locking Mechanism Preload Tester, Hydropneumatic Riveter etc.


We at KAMBIOMATIK are responsible for our work, so we offer warranty in most cases for the services rendered. The warranty period varies from 3 months to 2 years depending on the service performed.